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Carol Peck

CAROL PECK | Social Worker

Carol Peck has provided social services at our Carroll Tower development since 1992.  She offers supportive counseling to residents coping with physical, cognitive and emotional changes.  She also provides information and support to families as they care for our residents’ needs.  Carol is a link between our residents and organizations and government agencies that provide a myriad of services and programs for Seniors.  Previously, Carol has held positions as the Director of Social Services, Presbyterian Homes, Evanston, IL, and Social Worker with the Council for Jewish Elderly, Evanston, IL, and the Merwick Rehabilitation Unit of the Princeton Hospital in Princeton, New Jersey.  Carol holds a Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College (1978) and a Masters of Social Work degree from The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice (1980).  Carol is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers.